A special story from Amy…

“Truly touched…our dear friend who was staying at our house while she made some life changes, shared an amazing story with me. She has a copy of my book and is using it to help her get through some of the things she is dealing with. She took it to her job—a home for people who have various mental health issues—and shared it with everyone there. One of the women at the home read a few pages, closed the book and then got up to leave. Everyone asked where she was going and she said, ‘To find a job.’ She had recently lost her job and was very depressed and anxious, and after reading my book she was inspired to find work again. She started a new job the following day!! So grateful that the words in my book are helping others move forward!”

See what others have to say about Amy Wise, her coaching and her book:

“Amy Wise gives the sort of sage life advice that puts the brakes on your thought stream, helps you stop, rethink and steer yourself back in the right direction. Good soul nourishment here.”

~ Melanie Eversley, reporter, USA Today


“Author Amy Wise lights up the page and her readers’ hearts with her wisdom and empathy. She is a true philosopher of humankind. An inspirational reading experience.”

~ Elynne Chaplik – Aleskow, Pushcart Prize nominated short memoir author


“Sometimes it’s just a word or two that can inspire, encourage and lift a human being up. The smallest gestures are often the grandest. Amy Wise is grand, inspiring and lifts each of us with her words. Some would call that wisdom. I call it love.”

~ Amy Ferris , author & playwright of Marrying George Clooney…Confessions From a Midlife Crisis


“A lovely book, and weave it will from here to Maine, back again, across seas, over mountains, and into a million hearts, a book about me, you, all of us…”

~ Richard Jacoby, author of Conversations with the Capeman: The Untold Story of Salvador Agron


“There are days, when the hope offered in a few kind words is what gets us through. Amy is without fail an endless source of such kindness.”

~ Kristine Van Raden , co-author of Letters to Our Daughters: Mothers’ Words of Love


“Amy Wise’s book of quotes will take you on a journey to your best self, enabling you to change your heart and the hearts of those around you. Timely, thought-provoking, and reflective…this is the way to begin your day.”

~ Elizabeth Geitz, author of I Am That Child: Changing Hearts and Changing the World


“Reading this book is like getting the perfect pep talk from your most trusted friend. These beautiful words will inspire, encourage and empower you, and will give you the confidence to make all your dreams come true. Amy’s last name is ‘Wise’ for a reason!”

~ Lois Alter Mark, founder of MidlifeattheOasis.com


“I have been listening to positive, spiritual, motivational speakers like Les Brown and my favorite television pastor Joel Osteen, for many years. I am not a book reader, I prefer reading magazines. I do love reading and collecting positive quotes. However, once I started reading Amy’s awesome positive book of quotes, I could NOT stop reading it. It is filled with one positive, uplifting quote after another. On a scale of one to ten, Amy’s book is a twelve.” 

Nay K., actor and screenwriter


“Amy Wise lifts us up by reminding us that we are all—each one of us—part of a universal gathering of the heart. Through her carefully chosen words, she sprinkles hope on every page, acknowledging us as brothers and sisters. Is it any wonder that we want more of Wise’s inspiration? Giving thanks is the least we can do.”

~ Julie Maloney, director of WomenReadingAloud.org


“Tender and heartfelt. A butterfly of a book.”

~ Ilie Ruby, author of The Salt God’s Daughter


“Amy Wise has experienced more than her share of adversity and injustice, yet through it all she has remained positive, choosing happiness rather than bitterness. She always has a positive, encouraging word for everyone – including me.”

~ Hollye Dexter, co-editor of Dancing at the Shame Prom


“Amy’s book puts you in a positive frame of mind and makes it difficult for you not to do so.”

~ Zetta Brown, author of Messalina: Devourer of Men


“Amy Wise makes it easy for us to start our day with words of wisdom. A great gift from her heart and soul, to all.”

~ Madge Woods, writer & marketing director, TheNextFamily.com


“Amy’s book is full of words to encourage you, inspire you, and brighten your day. These are wise words, by a Wise woman. This is a book you will treasure and want to share with everyone you care about!”

~ Kim LePiane, spiritual healer


“Amy saved my life! As dramatic as that sounds it is true. Several years ago, after a serious health crisis, she helped me find balance and acceptance. A year ago she helped me see that what I thought was impossible to achieve was actually within my reach and as a result I am in such a happier place. Most recently we have begun working on my vision for my future and I am super excited to see where this goes! She listens, I mean really listens, and attaches no judgment to anything. She is incredible and so focused on helping you find your path and realize your dreams, even those you don’t fully know you have. She helped me move from the very lowest point of my life to a place I only thought I could dream of being. Without a doubt working with Amy, with her beautiful heart and her amazing clarity and wisdom, is the best thing you can do for yourself!” 

~ Lori


“I received terrible news about a friend last night and I went straight to your book for guidance…and I found it!”

~ Gloria


“The way Amy guided me through my issues was gentle and graceful, yet masterful! She opened my eyes to a new way of dealing with relationships, expertly helping me to unravel old beliefs and patterns. Working with Amy is a joy. Because of her passion and open heart, she helped me open mine. I’m forever grateful!”

~ Jennifer


“I am so thankful and appreciate you and your book and will treasure it always.”

~ Anonymous


“Amy Wise…all of your words are so uplifting for me. Mahalo for always making my day.”

~ Deborah


“A lot of people ask me how I get so happy, confident, loving, etc. Well I want to thank Amy Wise for inspiring me to be happy with my life. Without her, I don’t know how my life would be. Thank you Amy Wise for inspiring me to love life and enjoy every second of it.”

~ Anonymous


“This is an amazing book. If you ain’t got it, go out and get it!”

~ Keith


“WOW!  Just listened to the radio show you were on!  Your creative, amazing writing is matched by your oral storytelling skills.  What a great show and you shared your story, thoughts and passion so beautifully. “

~ Carole


“I’m strong because you brought it out.”

~ Anonymous


“I got your new book yesterday and stayed up all night reading it from the very first page to the back cover. What a beautiful love story of encouragement. “

~ Joannie


“Your quote today hit me in the right place. It is giving me more confidence that this is the path for me & my family.”

~ Anonymous


“Your book by my bed-last thing I see before going to sleep-1st thing I see in the morning…ironically when I randomly open to any page-has on it just what I need to see…”

~ Judy


“With respect to my personal, professional and spiritual; Amy coaches me through all the transitions in my life. She has taught me to let go of past hurts, circumstances, childhood events, unhealthy relationships, etc. Amy has led by example and has taught me not to dwell on the past but to move forward and appreciate the joys of life!”

~ Yolanda


“Thank you again Amy for sharing with the world…your book has done so much for me the last few weeks…AMAZING it is.”

~ Anonymous


“I wanted to tell you I read your book; Believe in Yourself, Inspire Others, Spread Joy and I wanted you to know how amazing you are. The words are inspiring and the pictures you chose to go with them are perfect. I look forward to reading more of your works.”

~ Anonymous


“Ooh what a treat it is. Thank you so much. I am just in awe that you did this. And the main thing that impresses me is that you place such a focus on helping others, and on paying it forward. I love everything about the book, the size, the illustrations, the cover, your intro, the reviews. I am just so proud of you, Amy! The sky’s the limit, now. Isn’t it interesting that a book could come out of that awful experience with your shop? We never know what gift may be hidden inside our next challenge.”

~ Carole


“I start every day with this book…recommend it to everyone!”

~ Judy


“Your book opened the door for 2 people that hadn’t spoken in 3 years. It was a huge breakthrough, all because of your book!”

~ Mary


“I live by this book!!!! Especially when I need a self picker upper!!!”

~ Anonymous


“Your book is as beautiful as the Lake Tahoe area!”

~ Annemarie


“Many thanks for your wonderful book that has given me so much. I am grateful for people like you in this world.”

~ Anonymous


“I brought the book that you wrote to school, and my English teacher LOVED it. We are making an inspirational video because of it.”

~ Ravenna


“Thank you so much Amy. When I’m faced with things, I pick up your book and get the encouragement to keep going. You rock!”

~ Anonymous


“It has done wonders for me. Believe in Yourself, Inspire Others, Spread Joy! by Amy Wise. When I feel a negative vibe coming on or just havin’ one of those days, I open it to a random page and read. All changes instantly.”

~ Grace

 Lastly, a story that will stay in Amy’s heart forever:

“I’m speechless, in tears, and humbled right now. Corey from Corey’s Hallmark called to let me know that my book was just purchased for one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. She unfortunately had to have part of her leg amputated due to the explosion. Corey gave me the name and number of the person who bought my book. I just got off the phone with her to thank her and to pass my love to the woman who lost her leg. I’m hoping to eventually talk with her personally, but in the meantime I am touched beyond belief that my book will be in her hands. I pray that it brings her some sort of small comfort as she heals. Tears are rolling down my face as I write this and I just thank God she made it through and is still here with all of us. I told her friend the world is with her right now and we are ALL praying for her. To healing, to love, to her future.”

~ Amy Wise